Tat Hai Repair Center was established in 1976, we have developed a vast database of customers to whom we continue to provide our specialized services.

We specialized in providing a ‘one-stop’ service center from repair and maintenance of electrical and electronics home appliances to sale of new appliances including trade-ins of old for new appliances under attractive terms. To provide a better service, we have our repair men readily island-wide and we can reach our customers’ place within an hour.

Among our major clients are NTUC and other large business.

We only charge a nominal service fee from $25.00 above to check faulty appliances to cover transport. For further information, please call our service center at 6555 7676.

home appliance repair

Tat Hai Repair Center provides nothing but the best:

  • Fast & Reliable
  • Cheap & Affordable
  • Professional Service
  • Good Workmanship
  • Attentive & Courteous
  • Island wide Service